Nate Says: Why So Serious?

10 Step Custom Facebook Fan Page Widget

Does it ever bother you that Facebook seemingly has a death grip on your pages? I mean sure by default they give you a little text box you can sort of put text or absolute links into, but …. c’mon, right?

Ok so check this out – I created a quick video for Site Source 101 on how to customize your Facebook Fan page to include a HTML widget (note: This is not currently applicable to your profile page).

If you aren’t doing this yet you need to be, especially if your fans are throwing your page around to their friends’ feeds. Think of all your options here. You could:

  • Graphically link your Twitter and other Social accounts
  • Include a picture and bio of the business or product owner
  • Duplicate your website navigation for easy access
  • Advertise coupons or promotions to your fans
  • Highlight your favorite fan of the week

This is your chance to pull new visitors to your site the first time they land on your fan page. The video is less than 3 minutes long, so this is something you can learn and implement in less than 10. Watch the video, then take some time to consider how you could improve the value of your page to your fans and in turn increase the value of their visits!


[I have removed this video due to obsolescence.]

Feel free to download or view the PDF for easy reference [also removed].

You can read up on FBML in Facebook’s Developers Wiki (welcome to Awesomegeekland).

Now just answer one question: WHO LOVES YOU?!?!

That’s right…. this guuuuuuuy.

  • Great video Nate. Found it very informative. Can’t wait to get it going on my Facebook groups. Keep the knowledge rolling!

  • Nate this blog is gangster.

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