Nate Says: Why So Serious?

Authorize.Net Down Due to Fire In Fisher Plaza

A fire in Fisher Plaza, Seattle has cause a massive power outage causing leading IP-based payment gateway solution Authorize.Net to go down around approximately 11:15pm PST (last night).

A traffic reporter for KOMO News that operates out of Fisher Plaza tweeted that a fire set off the sprinkler system which fried the generators. (source)

One forum post says firefighters have not yet allowed re-entry to the area, so no emergency backup plans have begun as of 10:26am EST. This is according to an informant who spoke to the UK branch of Authorize.Net. (source)

You can follow the Tweets about this here. TechCrunch is now posting about this as well here and will likely keep us up to date.

This could potentially be the biggest collective loss in eCommerce business we’ve ever seen. Those suffering from the outage (as I am) can setup Paypal Payments standard option to put a band-aid on the broken leg.

Another post confirmed by a merchant rep states they have been working for a few hours switching to an offsite data center. This would explain why as of 11am EST Authorize.Net seems to be responding to ping requests again, so there may be progress soon.

Update: @Authorize.Net now actively tweeting about this.

Update 2: A tweet at 11:56am EST by @AuthorizeNet states transaction processing is back up.