Nate Says: Why So Serious?

Does Blake Like Instagram?

Sometimes communication online can be a little fuzzy. It’s difficult to gauge people’s tone.

I’ve been wondering for the last 7 weeks or so what my buddy Blake thinks of Instagram, so I decided to pull the last seven weeks worth of his posts and cross-reference them to get a clearer idea of his opinion.

Let’s take a look!

Blake reviews Instagram on August 7th, 2012Blake reviews Instagram, August 8th, 2012

Blake reviews Instagram, August 14, 2012Blake reviews Instagram, August 25th, 2012Blake reviews Instagram, August 25th, 2012Blake reviews Instagram, September 9, 2012
Blake reviews Instagram, September 11th, 2012Blake reviews Instagram, Sept. 11, 2012Blake reviews Instagram, September 20th, 2012Blake reviews Instagram on September 20th, 2012

From this in-depth analysis, it appears Blake disapproves of Instagram. So much so, we’ve come full-circle with the statuses:

August 22nd, 2012

Blake Reviews Instagram, August 22nd, 2012

September 20th, 2012

Blake Reviews Instagram, September 20th, 2012

The Bottom Line?

If all of you out there in the webbernets could just take an extra minute every day to take a square picture of a food item, add a filter to it and tag Blake, it’d really make his day.

Bonus points if it’s a sandwich.

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