Nate Says: Why So Serious?

Meme Soup: Episode 1

Why Meme Soup? Because posting a bunch of individual pics over the course of several days is lame. Stuffing them all in one long post is awesome. Plus, next year I’ll have more fun looking at these episodes than trolling my whole site for fun things. If you happen to enjoy this too in the meantime, then good for you. On to ALL THE FUN THINGS:

Best Portrait of an 18-Month Old Award

The Best 18 Month Old Portrait Ever

The Facebook of Tomorrow

Facebook has serious privacy issues.

Admit That You’ve Thought About It Too

Facebook is ruining you without you participating.

High-Five Bro!

Some people deserve them like this.

I Mustache U A Question

I has a question

Calvin & Hobbes on Intelligent Life

Intelligent life proves its own existence

Never Trust a Monkey

Never Trust a Monkey

Don’t… You’re Not Gonna… No….

You can pick your friends. Time to find new ones.

They’re for “Enrichment” Now

What were computers designed for?

I Love This Idea

I like names that tell short stories.

Straight Up!

After da meat, get down to da veggie. So fresh! Straight up!

Subtle Meme is Subtle

Subtle Xhibit is Subtle

Welp, Time to Go!

That's just how cats roll.

The Absolute Worst Way to Die

Man Was Killed to Death. Then Died Immediately.

And It’s Almost That Time

Walken in a Winter Wonderland

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