Nate Says: Why So Serious?

Meme Soup: Episode 4

3 years to the day since the last episode! Wow, what special nonsense! Except, if it wasn’t for this fact, and I’d missed it by a day, I’d probably put it off another year. So to celebrate the minor coincidence of me realizing this, in a 1:365.25 chance, enjoy this new installment while I gamble online with stolen credit cards.

Mary Jcowszki??? Ha, she’s definitely a fake person. No harm here. BLACKJAAAAAACK HERE I COME!

Thanksgiving & Christmas, Especially


This is Why the Scientific Method is Important

Adding a Mento to a Beer

We're all probably better off.

The Ultimate Heritage

Dad Jokes Are The Ultimate Heritage

When Expectations Are Higher Than Reality, Create A Better Reality

It was still delicious.

THE Dress

Okay it’s been a long time, but I know you all remember “THE” dress and so yeah here’s the best illustration the Internet came up with since to explain it:

"The Dress" Explained in 2 seconds.

And yes, I promise there’s no trickery here, I checked it in Photoshop and everything your eyes have ever told you is a lie. Sleep tight.

I’m sorry, did he say, “until”?

Also, pls help with my cable bill. Need $200/mo to watch American football.

My Precioussss…

This is a Mac’N’Cheese Donut. You might live longer without having one; you might not live at all if you don’t. Choose wisely.

One ring to rule them all.

When the Product is the Packaging

No complaints here. It's my favorite brand of wine and I don't even know what it tastes like.

A God of Knowledge Amongst Men

How Language Works

And Here We Are

But Facts Are Also So Soft Compared To My Opinion

Speaking of Ridiculous Opinions

Mark Twain on Travel and Stuff about Humans

Okay, that was actually pretty raw. What’re you even doing here, Mark Twain?? This is Meme Soup. Back on track…

When Your Waitress is like, “Hey! How’d everything come out? Everything OK?!”


Well that’s our show! Thanks for watching!

If you’ll excuse me I’ve got to mourn the loss of this closing phrase to the 90’s, never to be resurrected as promised by Netflix due to political interests.


See ya in 4.5 years!


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