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Movie Review: The Adjustment Bureau

I liked the parts where things got “adjusted”. Because things would happen, and something really unexpected would be right after, and I’d always be like, “BOOM! ADJUSTEEEED!”.

I found there to be a 3:2.5 “ooo” to “aww” ratio, though the awws varied greatly in definition throughout while the ooos were pretty consistent.

Feelings I felt included suspense, can-I-do-that, how-come-none-of-these-doors-squeek, geek-lust (for those Deist-Edition Kindles running GodOS) and a crunching sensation in my ankle.

Who I would recommend this to would be fans of Legos, because you start out with a great idea, then you run out of flat 1×4 pieces and suddenly your plan is like, “BOOM! ADJUSTEEEED!”. (Lego building however typically contains a inverted aww:ooo ratio.)

Spoiler Alert!

At no point does Emily Blunt wear the red dress pictured in the posters and movie jackets.

The Adjustment Bureau Lies!

  • Bwahaha. Can we request reviews of movies we want to hear your take on?

    • Mmm…. I’m gonna say no, but only because I don’t like having to-do lists, and that sounds just like a to-do list.

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