Nate Says: Why So Serious?


This Week in Great American Landings:

Maroney slips, Curiosity sticks!

Thirty Years

That’s how long I’ve failed to recognize the potential of my ketchup holding companions.


Love What You Do

I just want to love what I do for a living as much as this guy.


Something Important is Happening

I don’t know what these 5,000 ducks are marching for, but I’m for it.

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Trying Out a Cinemagraph

I recently got interested in cinemagraphs and thought I’d give it a shot. This was made with an iPad app-in-development called Echograph. The output to .gif was good, but not great, so I optimized it through Photoshop to create this: More »

Zombie Apocalypse Kicks Off in Florida

Weeeeeeeelp, we all knew this was a-comin’. I reckon we saddle up and take care-a binnez: