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Trying Out a Cinemagraph

I recently got interested in cinemagraphs and thought I’d give it a shot. This was made with an iPad app-in-development called Echograph. The output to .gif was good, but not great, so I optimized it through Photoshop to create this:

Still image of a candle and sunglasses, with the lens reflecting an active flame.

The Echograph team is hard at work on some awesome updates, including tutorials for native (higher-def) MP4 with HTML5, which degrades to GIF (like above) when the browser doesn’t play nice.

I think this is the most exciting photography app since …. ever, even if the app currently is only to quickly prototype a cinemagraph to see a quick example of a finished product. I think with some work though, Echograph will have this functioning well enough to produce finished cinemagraphs with ease.

I’ll post a more thorough review once the app improves and their site is built out to include the tutorials which will be necessary to really enjoy the product.

What do you think?

  • Is Echograph an iApp, or is it even better and working with Android?

  • If Google would stop being lazy and create usable dev tools, they’d have better apps. But as it stands, something like this would only be usable (and probably barely) on the top 3% of Android phones/tablets. So for now, it is only on the far superior, more dev-friendly, much less fragmented iOS. 😉

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