Nate Says: Why So Serious?

Why Your Dreams Can Be Your Reality

I see this every day.

“I have a business and people depending on me but I want to finally commit to being a rockstar and start making music. How can I do this?”

If you’ve asked this question, or something similar, you’re missing the ultimate point of your aspirations.

The most popular is, “I want to go back to school.” But do you really? Is there a real need, or just a want to feel like you’re moving in the right direction? There are two simple questions you need to ask yourself before committing to a life-changing event, no matter how good your intentions are that will unearth the less obvious and more realistic path to success.

1.       What?

2.       Why?

Don’t stop reading because you’re disappointed with my simplicity. I’m offering to save you a lot of heartache and money here with a very effortless and unique self-interview process.

That guy in the beginning of this post wanting to be a rockstar is me. I’ve made my dreams a reality by answering these two questions in this way and guess what…

I’m not a rockstar, but I’m living my dream.


First the easy part because you should already know this. Write down what you want to be, no matter how outlandish it may seem. Famous actor/actress? Highly sought after artist? World-renowned chef? Good. Just write it down. Now answer this…


Look past the surface detail here. Assume you’ve already made it and that’s what you’re doing today. Examine what part of that aligns with your goals in life and why. What you should realize is that just because you have the ability to do something, doesn’t make it worth doing.

I wanted to write music and express it in such a way that moved people to think creatively and feel the same emotion I had in the moment I wrote it. I wanted to be heard and change people’s minds about things. Music was my vehicle of choice because I was “pretty ok” at it and knew I could get better. I wanted to be expressive, impactful, and a voice to the voiceless. But guess what – if I hop out of that vehicle, and strip the music away, I can still do all of those things in a much more realistic fashion.

I found internet marketing. Technology has been my hobby and talent more than music since I was born. I can be heard, found, and speak to and for people on a limitless scale. I invoke emotion through copywriting and follow-up through calls-to-action. I found all the pieces of my rockstar puzzle also lay securely in something I could control 100%. Honestly, I can enjoy doing it from wherever I want, whenever I want (kind of like rockstar status stuff without the record label restrictions). In fact, you’re reading this right now as a result of the way I answered those two questions some time ago.

So think about it.

Get your “What” and ask it “Why”. Then figure out how many options you have to meet those same objectives while keeping in mind, “Just because you have the ability to do it, doesn’t mean it’s worth doing.”

Respect your resources as valuable, and your time as priceless.

Bottom Line.

If you’re trying to take away from yourself to give back to yourself, you’ll likely end up in the negative. Make every move a positive one.

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